Juggling and Zen

The draft of this post was sitting in my mind since I’ve started periodically throwing things in the air and trying to catch them all.

Juggling. People tend to think about juggling as a circus skill. But it’s not like that anymore. Since 90-s juggling became a popular hobby among people leading an active lifestyle. It’s saving me from spending my whole day staring at infinite flow of coloured symbols in a terminal windows.

You remember this state when your mind is clear and your attention is focused on a problem you’re working on right now. You are living in the current moment and time seems to fall away. Some people call it “zone” or “flow”.

I love these moments. Everyone loves them. But it’s hard to get in there. There is no magical spell that can get you “into the zone” (but I’m always will be praying for it). I found that juggling helps me with this problem - in 5 minutes of juggling I can feel myself relaxed, confident and ready to work on anything. It transfers my mind to the place where everything seems to be clear and in the right order.

When I’m stuck with my tasks, everything is broken and world is falling apart I just step back from the computer and juggle.

When I’m happy, the task is done and everything is ok I step back from the computer and juggle.

Always be juggling.