Maksim Prokopyev

Senior Full-Stack Software Developer

During my career I worked with various technologies on different platforms from kernel drivers for Windows to SPAs in TypeScript. I love working in a team and I believe that communication is one of the most important parts of software development (after naming and cache invalidation, of course).

Work Experience

Berlin, Germany Savedo
November 2014 - now Full-Stack Software Developer

Building an investment platform using Ruby and TypeScript applying domain driven design and agile practices.

Was involved in product development from the very beginning, forming best engineering practices, setting up infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment processes.

Participated in development of almost every major feature on a platform.

Growing the tech team from 3 developers to 3 teams of 5 people in each, mentoring junior developers.

Kazan, Russia Flatstack, LLC
Dec 2011 - Nov 2014 Senior Ruby on Rails developer

I was responsible for managing the development of several Rails-based websites of various size and complexity. This includes: coding, performing code reviews, mentoring junior developers and making architectural decisions. Also my role included participating in development of the company’s style guides and project templates, speaking on weekly demos about new technologies which can help the team in everyday work.

Kazan, Russia FOSS Labs (part-time/contract job)
2011 - Nov 2014 Ruby/Clojure developer

Built various web scrapers and parsers using Ruby and Clojure.

Kazan, Russia FIX, LLC
Nov 2008 - Dec 2011 C++, C#, Ruby on Rails, Delphi developer

Designed and built several networking apps for Windows in a team of 2 developers. Was responsible for maintaining the core part of applications and mentoring junior developers.

Provided support for legacy C++ application. Wrote C++ extension for Google’s CityHash library. Built several plugins for Redmine including a service for synchronization between Redmine and MS Project.


Kazan, Russia Kazan Federal University
Sep 2006 - Jun 2011 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Diploma: Statistical properties of cryptographic primitives.

Teaching experience

Berlin, Germany Rails Girls Berlin
Apr, Nov 2016 Coach

Helped in multiple workshops for beginners.

Kazan, Russia SaaS course
Fall 2013 Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Information Systems

Course of lectures in Kazan Federal University on SaaS and Ruby On Rails for 3 year graduate students.

Based on Berkley’s course ”Software as a Service” CS169.1x

Technical skills